Students Visit the Factory of the Second Largest Chocolate Brand in The World

Cadbury World

On Tuesday 22nd November students at Longley Park Sixth Form College were given the chance to visit the creative world of Cadbury. Students currently studying A Level Business and BTEC Level 3 at Sheffield’s only independent sixth form, went on a one day trip to help them understand and gain vital knowledge about the transnational corporation and its heritage, in order to assist and complement their Business studies.

Jayden who is a current BTEC Business Level 3 student said; “The trip was very useful as we had the chance to experience and learn more about what we have been studying in College. The combination of the presentations and activities along with the staff did a great job of educating us on the structure of the business as well as its journey from the start to the present day. The extremely informative presentation at the end of the trip was most useful as it summarised what we had learned, as well as going into detail on business structures and methods of marketing.”

The whole experience had a lot to offer, it is home to the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop along with a 14 zone self-guided exhibition which consists of Cadbury’s history, manufacturing, packaging, advertisement, demonstrations, purple planet and even a cadabra ride experience.

Business Studies Teacher Julie Beaumont explained; “The trip to Cadbury World was a great experience for all learners across the BTEC Business Level 3 year 1 and A Level Business year 1 and year 2 courses. Students learnt about the product portfolio of Cadbury and were able to make links to current studies of the marketing mix and decision making. Also taking part in chocolate tasting and the business talk at the end of the day was the best part of the visit.”

Whilst touring Cadbury World the students discovered the history and heritage of the company and learn how it developed from a small Birmingham based business into a global company. With more than 1,400 school groups attending each year Cadbury World feels that it is vital to teach the youth about business and the way in which they operate. Longley Park Sixth Form College understand the importance of dedicated learning time outside of studying to gain a wider and more broad understanding of the business.

Located in Bourneville, Birmingham, the chocolate manufacturers were named UK’s happiest brand back in 2014 as they have attracted a whopping 8.5 million people that have visited Cadbury World because they see it as a new venture into the leisure industry since it opened back in 1990. The whole experience was to give the visitors a memorable, enjoyable and unique Cadbury chocolate experience along with offering high quality and good value for money.

Story written by Bintazara Haider, Longley Park Sixth Form College student.