Students Enjoy BBC Media City Visit

BBC Salford visit 2

Students from Longley Park Sixth Form College, accompanied by Media Teacher James Oliver, took part in a trip to Manchester to see the acclaimed BBC Studios in Media City.

Throughout the day the students, currently studying A Level Media at the College, visited a number of different sets and gained a lot of knowledge from the experience. During the tour, students visited the Radio 6 base, the set for Match of the Day and Football Focus and even got the chance to become news and weather reporters in the model BBC Breakfast Studio.

The students started off their tour by going to the Radio 6 studio where the likes of Shaun Keaveny, Radcliffe and Maconie present their shows. Students were even lucky enough to watch the signs for airing turn red as a show went live next door. The students also visited the famous yellow corridor from the raging backstage antics of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Media Teacher James Oliver said; “The trip was great fun and very informative for the students. It was enjoyed thoroughly by all who attended and the students conducted themselves in a fantastic way and portrayed our College very positively.”

Story written by A Level Media and Career Ready student Leana Goulden