How to apply

Once you have decided which of our courses interest you, if you are still at school you should apply via UCAS Progress.  If not, you can complete the application form here or from inside the prospectus. If you can’t quite decide what you want to do, don’t worry – we just want some indication of where your interests are, at this stage.

  • When you have filled in the form you need to get your parents or guardians to sign it and then hand it in.
  • If your school uses the UCAS Progress system, please apply online.

If you are using our application form, please forward this to:

Admissions Office, Longley Park Sixth Form College, Horninglow Road, Sheffield, S5 6SG

You can download a copy of the application form here:

Advisory Interviews and Getting Started

Once we have your application we will arrange an Advisory Interview. This normally lasts between 20 minutes and half-an-hour. It is not a selection interview where you have to prove how good you are. It’s for you to discuss what courses would be right for you. We will probably look at your career interests, and plans for further study after college alongside how you have been doing at school. If you have any concerns or questions about courses or the college, we will try to answer them. At the end of the process, we record the courses that you are most interested in. These are not set in stone if you change your mind later. Parents and guardians are very welcome at the interviews.

After the interview, we will write to you confirming the offer of a place at Longley Park SFC. This letter will set out the course discussed at the interview and secures you a place at the college as long as you get the GCSE grades needed for your particular choices. If for some reason you don’t get the GCSEs you were hoping for, we will offer you a place on a more appropriate course.

Our letter has a reply slip, which you send back to us accepting the place. In the summer, we will send you and your parents more information about starting at college. This will include details of your Enrolment Interview, at the college. You need to bring your GCSE results slips with you to this appointment and we will finalise your courses with you. College will start a few days after this. Sometimes there are problems, which make it difficult for the college to run certain courses. This can be because they are full, because we don’t have enough applicants, or because we can’t get appropriate staff. We will deal with these problems in the following ways.

When courses are full

We will give priority to applicants on the following basis and then set up waiting lists. All applicants on waiting lists will be informed and invited to discuss an alternative standby choice. Priority will be given to all applicants who have submitted application forms to the College by 31st January. After this date, applicants will be added to waiting lists in the order they are received by the College. When courses are not run either because appropriate staffing is not available or because we do not have enough applicants to make the course viable we will contact everyone affected as soon as the decision not to run the course is taken and invite them to discuss alternatives. Usually this decision is taken in the Spring, but sometimes, it can be much later.

If you feel that the College has not handled your application fairly or that we have not operated the process as we have said we would, please contact us on 0114 262 5757 and we will try to sort things out. If we can’t, you are entitled to appeal to our Governing Body. To do this, you should write setting out your concerns to:

The Clerk to the Corporation

Longley Park Sixth Form College, Horninglow Road, Sheffield, S5 6SG.