Exam Preparation

With exams looming, the pressure is on to use your time wisely and prepare as well as you can to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Whether you’re stuck for how to start revision or simply want some new strategies to try out, the College will help you take that next step towards revision success.

Remember that a key factor is maintaining a positive mindset. Keeping active, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and avoiding procrastination will all help you stay focused, efficient and effective at this pressured time. And remember, College are here to help.

Your teachers have all been where you are – ask them how they revised and what exams felt like for them. Also keep a look out for strategies – we will be posting them on classroom doors, around College and on social media over the coming weeks. The key thing is finding what works for you.

So think positively, visualise success and feel confident. It’s all about #projectyou