The Student Council

At Longley Park the opinions of students are really valued and respected by all members of the College community, something that we really pride ourselves on. The Student Council at Longley Park meet on a regular basis and discuss a variety of issues, which makes being a member so interesting.

The Student Council is an affiliated member of the National Union of Students’ (NUS), which will provide us with an even stronger voice and great benefits such as the NUS card. The roles that will be included in the Student Council are also changing with new roles created so that we have a say in even more areas of College life.

Many of the current members will be leaving College in the summer and so we are looking to recruit new students to take up the roles and become the representatives of Longley Park’s whole student body.

For more information keep looking out on the website for further updates or enquire about the different opportunities to be involved in the Student Council at any Open Day or other College event you come to.