Parents and Carers Welcome Event

Information regarding the Parents and Carers Welcome Event’ on Tuesday, 21st September at 5pm

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021 1 Minute Read


I am writing to introduce myself and welcome you as a parent or carer of a student at Longley Park Sixth From. In August, following her retirement, I replaced Mo as Principal here at Longley Park Sixth Form. I’m looking forward to working within the community here at the College and getting to know our student body on their return this week. I intend to write monthly updates about what is happening here at the College, and these will be posted on our website. You can see my first message here - Principal's Blog - Longley Park Sixth Form – where I talk about our enrolment process, COVID controls and the start of us setting our expectations for learners.

We have been excited to meet so many new faces to the college throughout enrolment and are looking forward to teaching starting. Students have been invited to an induction day on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Here, they will be given their timetables, briefed about key elements of the college, and our student expectations will be made clear. From the induction session, lessons will commence and students will be straight into their learning journey. You can watch my welcome message to students here: Longley Park 2021 – Principal’s Welcome - YouTube

I would like to invite you to attend an online ‘Parents and Carers Welcome Event’ on Tuesday, 21st September at 5pm. This will be online through a Teams meeting and you can register for the event by clicking here. We will be recording it should you not be able to attend. During the event, you will hear from key individuals working in pastoral, curriculum and wellbeing areas. Should you have a question that you would like us to answer, please submit these here by Monday 20th and we will do our best to cover all of these across the event.

Although there have been many changes to the COVID controls over the last few months, we still need to be aware of these. Each one of us can help to keep our community safe. Two of the most important things we can be doing is taking part in the vaccination programme and continue to use Lateral Flow Tests regularly to prevent the spread of the virus. The Covid-19 vaccination gives you the best protection against COVID-19. The combination of vaccinations and regular Lateral Flow testing will keep you, our Sixth Form community and the wider community safer.  

You should have already received details of how to login to Cedar, our student records portal. Here you will be able to track the progress, attendance and any concerns and commendations that are received. It’s a great way to keep informed about what is happening at the College. We will walk through how to use the system at the event.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite interest to join our Academy Advisory Council (AAC). Each AAC consists of a group of people who could be parents, community nominees and academy staff. In attendance at these meetings will be Link Trustees and a member of the Trust Leadership Team. This is to ensure that the voice of the local stake holders is heard first hand by the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Trust and the Chief Executive Officer will attend at least one AAC meeting per year. The key aims of the AAC are to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the college; to advise about local issues we may need to consider that could affect the college; to represent the interest of the community in the running of the college; and to represent the academy in its community. If you would be interested in supporting us on our AAC or know of a local stakeholder that could work with us, please do email me directly.

I hope that together, we can support all students here at Longley Park Sixth Form to start strong and make good choices.

Please click here to register for the event.

I look forward to welcoming you to the event on the 21st September.





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