Chemistry allows you to learn more about the structure of the world around you through experiments and
find out about the chemical reactions that we encounter every day, whether it be in breathing, baking or driving a car. You will study atomic structure, bonding and the periodic table. Other key topics studied include chemical kinetics, equilibrium and molar calculations. You will develop new practical skills in organic synthesis, extraction and analysis whilst being introduced to new topic areas such as Transition Metals.

How will I be assessed?
Examination + practical endorsement

What can I do next?
Chemistry develops lots of skills that are relevant for employment or study at a higher level, such as problem solving, scientific method, practical work and use of number. Chemistry is essential if you want to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, forensic science or veterinary science at a higher level. Other popular choices for progression include chemistry, chemical engineering and biochemistry. Chemistry is often a desired choice for entrance to other science-based courses and occupations.

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