Government and Politics

What will I study?

Why do we have rules in Society? What is the point of the Government system? How does our system work and how does everyone play a part in it? Who holds the power to make things happen and create change? If you are interested in how our society functions then Government and Politics may be right up your street. You will learn about the way decisions made by government influence people’s lives, and the way that people can participate in local, national and global politics.

How will I be assessed?

Written examination.

What can I do next?

As well as offering you insights into the ways in which the British and American political systems work, A Level Politics will help you to develop an enquiring and critical mind. The course provides an excellent background for careers in law, journalism, the caring professions, teaching and a range of management and business areas. It teaches you to think analytically and philosophically. As such it is well respected by universities and employers alike.

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