Religious Studies

What will I study?

Religion is a powerful force in our world, influencing the way people conduct their lives and shaping the way that people think. You will explore philosophical and ethical perspectives of belief, from faith, scientific, agnostic and atheist positions. You will also compare and contrast all major traditions; Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

How will I be assessed?


What can I do next?

An A Level in Religious Studies is really useful for studying wider Humanities, English and Social Science subjects at university, such as history, sociology, politics, law, anthropology and philosophy. The course develops analytic, interpretation and argument skills. Also, having a contextual understanding of alternative world perspectives provides a solid grounding when it comes to interpreting wider academic theory and concepts. As such, these skills, and the wider understanding of moral issues, can be particularly useful for students keen to study medicine, caring and the media. Ultimately, having a deeper understanding of the world demonstrates an ability to be tolerant and empathetic to those within society, which is very attractive to prospective employers in the future.

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