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Curriculum at Longley Park Sixth Form

Our curriculum is designed to enable learners to gain the outcomes needed to achieve their aspirations and prepare for life beyond Longley Park. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is ambitious for all, in particular those with special educational needs and the most disadvantaged. We provide a curriculum that is responsive to the needs of our local community and in doing so offer a wide range of academic and applied general qualifications at Level 3, as well as foundation provision at Levels 1 and 2. Our learners can access a range of opportunities to support the knowledge, skills and behaviour required for progression, as well as opportunities to develop their interests and talents. As a member of our community, our learners are able to grow and flourish both personally and academically, as well-rounded citizens, ready to make a positive contribution to life in modern Britain.

Where students believe that they can’t, we support them to believe that they can. Our ambition is for all our learners to leave us with a better understanding of themselves, their own unique goals and in possession of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to achieve them.

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