Project You

The best project you'll ever work on...

At Longley Park, we do more than simply get you through exams – we help you define your unique goals. Whether you’re aiming for university, or you’re ready to train for a career, it’s time to start working on you.

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance from a sixth form that has your best interests at heart then look no further than Longley Park. Project You is our promise to support you on your journey every step of the way.

Project You is built on our three key values:

Through these, we promote an inclusive learning environment that celebrates the uniqueness of every student. We encourage you to aim high and get there through hard work.

You will have an Academic Tutor throughout your with us who will help you to make the most of the wider opportunities available to you. This will help you gain vital employability skills as well as making sure you stand out from the crowd on your UCAS application. Your tutor will also be there to help you work through any concerns or problems you may have.

Project You also means personalising your experience to see that you can reach your own unique goals and have a fantastic experience along the way. You can access a huge range of wider opportunities to help you explore your interests and talents, meeting new people along the way. Below is a list of our Project You Enrichment Activities happening this term and you can see the variety of offer here.

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