Physics - A Level - 2 years


  • Course: Physics - A Level - 2 years
  • Qualification Type: GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
  • Qualification Level: Level 3
  • Course type: Full Time
  • Duration: 52 Weeks
  • Entry Requirements:

    5 GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English, plus Maths and 2 Science GCSEs at grade 6 

  • Available Dates: 07/09/2023 to 30/06/2025
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Physics gives you the opportunity to investigate and understand some of the fundamental laws of the universe, ranging from the tiniest particles of matter to vast star systems.


You will cover topics such as mechanics, subatomic particle physics, electricity and theory of waves.  You will also study topics which include gravitational, electrical and magnetic forces, nuclear and thermal physics and oscillations.

A number of specifications will be changing and prospectus entries are based on information we have to date. This means that course content may be subject to change.

How will it be delivered?

Examination and practical endorsement.

What can I do next?

A Level Physics is a good starting point for further study of natural science and engineering related courses.  It also supports progression into subjects such as medicine and radiography and is a good background for courses in many other fields, especially those that rely on numeracy and logical thought.

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