Being Prepared and Getting Organised

Getting yourself organised so that you can study effectively is an important first step. Things you can do -  

  • Find a place to study that suits your style. The Sixth Form has a range of spaces, from silent study, to group seminar rooms for you to use.
  • Plan your time and be disciplined with using it. A planner or diary will help you see how much time you have to complete the tasks you have been set. Knowing what deadlines are in front of you will make it feel more manageable.  
  • Look ahead and get ahead. Use your learning journeys to see what is coming next in your subjects. Arriving to a lesson knowing what topic is in focus will help you process information and make connections.
  • Keep a file. Some students like to keep large files at home and use a daily travel file for current work. Again, try out what works for you. You might find this video useful for building your files. Simple Folder Organisation System for Sixth Form // Year 12 & Year 13 - YouTube 

Learning matters. And we are here to help.  If you need help with getting prepared and your organisation, you can see our ILC team, our ALS or your tutor. 

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