Sheffield Youth Parliament

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2024 1 Minute Read
Sheffield Youth Parliament

Sheffield Youth Cabinet Election 2024

North East Sheffield

Sheffield Youth Cabinet is made up of 35 elected young people from across the city of different ages, backgrounds and abilities, as well as special interest seats to ensure voices are heard. The Cabinet ensures that the voices of young people are heard and taken into account by decision makers locally, regionally and nationally.

UK Youth Parliament – work closely with MP’s and the role is similar. They work on national issues for young people, lobby government and sit and debate in the Houses of Parliament once a year. 

Youth Councillors – work closely with local councillors and the role is similar. They work on local/ city-wide issues for young people

Why should I vote?

  • Opportunity to chose who represents you and the young people of Sheffield
  • Important way to get your voice heard on issues that matter to you
  • Decisions are often made about young people without young people, this is a chance to be part of decision making
  • One vote could improve the future for young people in OUR city!

Read the candidates manifesto's here and get ready to vote in the sixth form on Monday 6th February. 

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